Iannuzzi ready for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The Scorecard’s Jaden Ma asks Marco Iannuzzi how they got their winning streak

BC Lions ready to take on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Photo by Jaden Ma for Langara Scorecard.

JM: So you guys have a three game winning streak, how do you keep the momentum going?

MI: The three-game winning streak is very big because it was with Eastern teams, so it was a tough trip on us, you know, for our families, and for ourselves. You gotta fly five hours. We played our game in Toronto then we had to stay in Toronto for the night, then we went to Kingston for four days, practiced at Queens, then we went out to Montreal, played, won that game, came all the way back home, another five hour flight, both those were commercial also.

We usually fly chartered, so that’s a whole other deal trying to get 70 guys who are 350 pounds sitting next to each other on a commercial plane, it doesn’t work. And then come home, practise for a few days then we went back to Hamilton and played so it was a very big road trip. It’s emotionally draining, it’s physically draining and it’s easy for people to make excuses. ‘Oh, you know, we’re tired, that’s why we lost today.’ So we didn’t take that attitude, obviously, and we won those three games and it’s not only three games in a row, it’s three road games in a row and they were three Eastern games in a row, so all those things are really good boosters to show us that we face difficult times.

And we came through with three wins so it’s now we finally get to come home to our families and fans. We get to sleep in our own beds tonight and go to our own stadium tomorrow, our own locker room where everything is very familiar to us so if we did it on the road with those three difficult situations it should be easier now.

JM: Who do you feel is the biggest threat on the Blue Bombers?

MI: When we look at our film, we review things, we watch their whole schemes; you don’t really look at an individual player and no team is made up of one individual player, so there’s no individual threat but as a team they’re a good squad.

They got guys getting paid just like us, they’re trying to win a Grey Cup just like us and they have every reason to beat us ‘cause we’re a Western team. It’s a big game for us.

We are going to play them three times this year so down the road when playoffs come around, this is going to be big in the standings.

The Western teams are obviously the biggest games so we’re not worried about any individual guy on that team but you gotta respect everyone on that team and just do your job one play at a time. 

JM: What are some of your goals for the season

MI: There’s only one goal, it’s the Grey Cup. That’s it. One goal. Grey Cup. That’s it.




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