Psychology helps Craig Roh prepare for games

Craig Roh and his teammates prepare mentally and physically before big game whit the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Photo by Vikrant Sharma for Langara Scorecard

On Thursday, the Scorecard’s Vikrant Sharma interviewed BC Lions defensive lineman Craig Roh at their Surrey training facility. Roh talked about who he idolized growing up, how he is preparing for Friday’s game and what type of psychology he studied to help prepare before games.

Vikrant Sharma: Who did you idolize growing up?

Craig Roh: A guy that I always watched was Dwight Freeney who was a very dominant defensive end in the NFL. He was playing for the Colts at the time. He was a guy that when you look at my spin move that I like doing I kind of mirrored that off of his.

VS: What type of psychology did you take in Michigan?

CR: It was just a general bachelor’s of science psychology. We took classes in mental psychology. I even took a dog psychology class so I know how to train dogs now.

VS: Does psychology help you prepare for games?

CR: Anytime you can use that positive psychology to help you achieve your peak performance and being able to rebound from failures helped a lot.

VS: How prepared are you for tomorrow’s game?

CR: Oh dude as prepared as I am for any other week.



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