Baseball not just a job for Reggie Pruitt

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Reggie Pruitt at Nat Bailey Stadium before game against Hillsboro Hops Photo by Vikrant Sharma for Langara Scorecard

On Monday, the Scorecard interviewed Vancouver Canadian’s centre fielder Reggie Pruitt, at Nat Bailey Stadium. Pruitt spoke of his confidence and goals going into the rest of the season, and his career as a whole.

Scorecard: How confident do you feel going into the rest of the season?

Reggie Pruitt: We feel confident, I feel like we’re playing good as a team. We had a couple bumps in the road here and there, with Hillsboro. Hillsboro’s a good team, and that’s what you gotta do. Our manager keeps telling us ‘to be the best you’ve got to beat the best’. They’re one of the best teams, I believe they’re probably top two in the other division but we feel real confident, we never doubt ourselves. We’ve got a good group of guys that are always ready to fight back no matter what happens.

SC: So you’re talking about how confident you are as a team, and what about yourself, and your own performance?

RP: I feel real confident. I would say that I had a slow start to my season, and I guess I was putting a little bit too much pressure on myself. Once I realized all that doesn’t really matter, [that] you’ve just got to go out there and have fun, that’s when things really started coming around, this last week or so, these last few series. That definitely gives me a lot of confidence. I don’t have to put pressure on myself, I know what I can do under my abilities. I’ve just got to go out there, play, and have fun.

SC: What are you personally looking to get out of baseball in the future?

 RP: Obviously, what all these guys out here want to do, is make it to the major leagues. It’s a game that we love, and I don’t really consider it work, because I love it so much. I want to have fun playing baseball for the rest of my life. I know there’s a small percentage of people that make it all the way, and hopefully I can be that percent one day.

SC: If you had to think of things that you need to improve on as a team, and then you personally, what would those be?

 RP: As a team, I’d say in the past few days we haven’t swung the bat bad, but our situational hitting has been lacking a little bit, and we need to tighten things up there. [We need to] execute getting a bunt down with a runner on third, with one out, situational hitting. [For] myself it’s always been my bat, the scouts say. I may not be the best hitter, but I’m always working at my craft, always trying to get better at that. I guess that was where the pressure came from, cause I guess I listen to a little bit too much of the talk, but once you block that all out and believe in your abilities, the sky’s the limit.

SC: What’s the talk?

RP: They say I’m not the best hitter, they say my swings not the best. I’m not really a power guy. I know that I have to be myself, and I’ve got to hit singles, [cause] I’m a speed guy, got to use my legs. Every hitter has a moment in their life, they say, [when] you’ve really got to figure out who you are and how your abilities work the best. Once you figure that out, that’s when guys start to come out and have monster seasons.

 SC: What are some of your goals for the rest of the season?

 RP: It’s always good to have personal goals. One of my goals this year was to make the All-Star team. I don’t know when the game is, but I think it’s soon so I’m going to go out there and play. Also, I wanted to hit .300 this year, because I wanted to show people that I can hit, that I do have the ability to hit. Those were two of my goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the season.

 SC: And do you think you’ll accomplish those goals?

 RP: Hopefully, that’s the plan. I try not to think about it because that’s when I start to get in my head and add pressure on myself once again. But no, hopefully I do, I think I will. If I keep playing like I am I think I will. I’ve just got to go out there and keep having fun.


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