Wide receiver Marco Iannuzzi flexes financial muscle

BC Lions wide receiver flexes for the camera Thursday at practice in Surrey, BC. Photo by Thomas Iverson for Langara Scorecard

On Thursday, Scorecard’s Thomas Iverson interviewed Marco Iannuzzi, wide receiver for the BC Lions, at the team training facility in Whalley. Iannuzzi answered questions about his recent experience as a football player, and his career outside of football – financial advisement – in an exclusive interview.

Thomas Iverson: I’ve read that you work as a wealth management advisor outside of football. Have any of your teammates come to you for financial advice?

Marco Iannuzzi: A number of my clients are guys from the team here, as well as guys who’ve retired from the league.

TI: If it’s not too sensitive, can you tell me who they are, and what you do for them?

MI: I can’t tell you who they are, but what I do for my guys is, we all have a pension here, so I take their pension, I take other money they have saved, and I invest it for their future. I also help them out with their budgeting, and help them out with things like when they need to take out their first mortgage and just give them anything financial that you, unfortunately, don’t learn at school. You’ve got to learn it the hard way, once you get into life. These guys are my friends, and I’m just trying to help them out.

 TI: Have you ever managed the portfolios of any other players in the league?

MI: Yeah, like I said, I have about a dozen guys from the CFL, and then a couple NFL guys and then a bunch of NHL guys too. It’s easy to deal with athletes, because unfortunately, a lot of our wages are public information. So you find that a lot of these advisors out there keep approaching athletes, so they get sick of it. What they like to do is deal with another athlete.

TI: And on another note, just in your last game, Travis Lulay broke the record for most passing yards off the bench.

MI: That’s a terrible record, let me tell you, because Travis Lulay is not an ‘off the bench’ quarterback; he’s Travis Lulay. To be honest, it’s a record, great, but anyone who’s surprised by Travis Lulay throwing for 400-something yards doesn’t know the CFL, cause he’s all over buses (bus ads) in this city for the past 10 years; it’s Travis Lulay.


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